Tuesday, 30 October 2012

PowerPoint Presentations

Today, as I reflect on my experience with the use of Microsoft PowerPoint, I cannot help but smile as I feel a sense of great accomplishment.  For this portfolio piece, we were asked to create a PowerPoint presentation accompanied by a lesson plan for a class of our choice.  In our presentation, pictures, audio/movie, chart or labelled picture, animations and slide transitions were of utmost importance.  After creating this piece, I have gained a wealth of knowledge in which I plan to use as I re-enter the classroom.  I plan to utilise Microsoft PowerPoint in my lessons as it is a very convenient method to use to help assist in the teaching-learning process.  However, creating this piece was not an easy task.  I encountered a few challenges as I created this piece.  Firstly, when creating a hyperlink, I got stuck when I reached a certain part.  I sought assistance from the text book but I was still lost.  Hence, I had to surf the net in order to understand what I was suppose to do clearly.  After receiving valuable information from the Internet, I was able to resolve this problem.  Another problem I faced was when I had to insert a movie or audio.  I found a nice video on Youtube but I could not get it downloaded.  After fiddling with it for some time, I remembered my lecturer informing us of a downloadable software (Mp3 rocket) that could assist us in downloading videos from Youtube.  After creating this piece, I realised that I could have made some improvements to my piece.  I believe that my presentation could have had one or two more slides giving information about the eye.

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