Sunday, 28 October 2012

Utilizing Spreadsheet Software in the Classroom

For this portfolio piece, my colleagues and I were asked to create a spreadsheet whether it be of grades for one of our classes or a learning resource (e.g. a rubric).  I decided to create a spreadsheet of grades for one of my previous Grade Four classes.  After creating the spreadsheet, I created a graph comparing how students did in Language Arts and Mathematics.  The results proves that students are not performing as they should in Language Arts and are however, excelling in Mathematics.  I enjoyed creating this piece and the knowledge received will be shared with other members (whether it be family, friends or coworkers) informing them of how beneficial the spreadsheet software is.  Also, when I re-enter the classroom setting, I will be making use of the spreadsheet software to help me in calculating students grades as opposed to me doing it manually (that is, with pen, paper and calculator).  Not only will I be using it to create grades for my students but I will also be utilizing this software to create rubrics, achievement sheets and Mathematics learning tools just to name a few).  However, although I enjoyed creating this piece, I encountered a few challenges.  Firstly, spreadsheet requires you to remember formulas in order for your work to be correct and the one I had some difficulty with was the 'If' formula.  I had to retype the formula several times before I could get it right.  Another challenge faced was that when creating the graph, I did not know exactly what information I would use to create the graph, hence, I had to re-do my graph a few times.  Finally, I believe that although my graph looks  good, it could be improved with just a few minor changes.  I believe that I could have used a different colour scheme for both my spreadsheet and graph.  I also believe that I could have laid out some information on the graph differently as well as on the spreadsheet.

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